Midwest Speed Shop offers great service at competitive prices. We strive for quick turn around time to get your parts back to you as soon as possible.


Shock Service - Maxwell Shock Dyno

Repair Non Adjustable - $35.00 + parts

Repair Single/Double Adjustable/Canister - $45.00 + parts

Revalve(includes rebuild)- $35.00 + parts

Dyno only - $10.00 (10 or more gets 25% off)

All shock services include a dyno printout when complete.


Torsion Bar Testing - DNK Bar Dyno (30" bars only)

$10.00 (10 or more gets 25% off)

This dyno can test the weight of the bar when it is loaded (twisted) and it gives us the information needed to rate the bar as it actually is, not what it is stamped from the factory. We can also test to see if your bar is bad by checking the weight difference from each side. You will be surprised at how far off some your bars really are!!!


Chassis Scaling - Longacre digital scales

$25.00 setup fee, $20.00 per hour


Coming Soon.....


Magneto Testing

Midwest Speed Shop will soon be able to test and repair Vertex style magnetos.

Rearend facing

Midwest Speed Shop will soon be set up to reface the snout on your rearend. If you have ever hit the wall or crashed hard, you should have your rearend and torque tube checked to make sure they are still square!!